Coding For Science

Use BBC micro:bit to learn Science


Age: 8-11

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Language: English

Instructor to Student Ratio: 1:5


  • Inspire kids to understand science with coding

  • Program with sensors to interact with the environment


This course is designed for kids to use simple codes that interact with the environment. We focus on coding for science, inspiring kids to use knowledge learned during class to solve global problems by coding. Students will have the chance to tinker, sketch their design and build their own innovation projects.



What you learn:

  • Computational Thinking - We will use Micro:bit Make Code Block Programming to do coding.

  • Project Based

  • Start typing real codes that developers use.

  • Develop Problem Solving Skills to solve real life problems

  • You will become an inventor to invent solutions that solve real life problems.


  • Week 1 - 4: Game Fantasy

    • Integrate with Scratch and Make Interactive Games

  • Week 5 - 7: Light Fantasy

    • Interact with Physical Environment

    • Music Box with light and sound

    • LED Rings Dancing Party

  • Week 8 - 10: ​Your Inventions


  • Must have taken Micro:bit Basics

  • 9 year old or below without any coding experience are recommended to take "Introduction to STEM" to get the basic concepts of coding and robotics.

  • Bring your own laptop with charger and pre-installed Google Chrome browser ​

  • New Macbook Users may need to buy an connection cable for USB.

Take away:​

  • Your Own Invention

  • Attendance Certificate issued

Register to learn coding to solve real life problems



Auto Electronic walking stick for blinds

by Jeffrey, 11 year old, 

(taking regular course - Micro:bit Advanced)


Smart Cleaning Robot

by Keifer, 9 year old, 

(taking regular course - Micro:bit Advanced Creation)

Interested in our course, but no suitable timeslots / locations? Tell us!


Schedule: 10 lessons x 1.5 hour

Course Fee: HK$6000 

(including all material cost, and you can takeaway your final project!​