Micro:bit Challengers (Age 8-11)

Challenge yourself For Tech Innovations

Level: Intermediate

Want to challenge yourself by building advanced micro:bit projects with external sensors. This is the right camp for you!

Micro:bit is the learning tools used globally to enhance students' coding and problem solving skills. In this camps, students will learn both soft and hard skills, from brainstorming an idea, to coding and wiring the sensors with micro:bit. Your imagination is without limit!

What will you learn in this camp?

Learn advanced electronics and coding 

- Wire your electronics circuit and program micro:bit with different external sensors to interact with real life environment

- Code with Microsoft JavaScript Block Editor (Drag and drop blocks)

Challenge yourself by building advanced projects

- From buildingTraffic Light System to blind stick to interactive robot, your imagination is infinite.

Prototype and Build Your Own Invention

- For idea generation to coding your own projects, micro:bit platform is the essential learning platform for design thinking and innovation

Course Details

Session 1: Code and Wire with external sensors

Session 2: Build Your Own Traffic Light System

Session 3: Digital Music

Session 4: Hungry Robot (using Servos)

Session 5: Sound Detector

Session 6: Ultrasonic Blind Stick

Session 7: Make a Security Guard

Session 8-10: Your Own Inventions

Small Class (1 teacher to 5 students) 


Hands-on, Project Based Learning

動手做,每堂用多個Projects 鬴會學習基礎知識

Taught in English, with Cantonese Terms if needed 


Bring your own laptop with charger and pre-installed Google Chrome browser ​​

​Limited Computer laptops in case you need to borrow our laptops.



  • Must have basic micro:bit programming experience.

  • 9 year old or below without any coding experience are recommended to take "Micro:bit Adventure Camp" to get the basic concepts of micro:bit coding.

  • Bring your own laptop with charger and pre-installed Google Chrome browser ​

  • New Macbook Users may need to buy a connection cable for USB.

For Online Classes:

  • STEM Material Box will be delivery to you directly

  • Classes will be conducted via Zoom.

  • Have your own computer laptop/desktop

Education Tools Used in this Camp: 多種教學工具:

BBC micro:bit + Advanced Sensor Kits

Microsoft MakeCode Coding Platform

Takeaway: 你可以取走

Attendance Certificate 証書

Your own inventions! 你的作品

Time Schedule:

Online via Zoom

(Small Class, 2-4 students)

We are recruiting students for Spring Term (Apr - Jun)

Whatsapp us at 5540-5257 for the schedule.

Course Fee: HK$6000 (10 lessons, 1hr 30 mins/lesson)

Discount Fee: HK$5850

(Course Fee including all material cost, and you can take away your final projects)

Please note that:

- Maximum 3 make up classes per term.

- make up classes must be before the start of next term.

For New Students,

- We highly recommend new students to join free assessment session before enrolment.

- New students can join the program in any class during the term time.

Tell us your preferred timeslot*

We highly recommend new students to

take a private trial class to meet our instructors.