Blueinno Inventor Program

Micro:bit Basics

Build Your Own Gadgets with Micro:bit


Using BBC's micro:bit, students will be familiar with coding concepts and sensors by building projects that can solve real-life problems. At the end of the course, students will be able to build their own inventions and take away their own guitar/lamp/ DIY Cards / Light Up Hats / whatever light and sound related inventions.


  • Learn computer science concepts with Micro:bit, e.g. repeat loop, conditional statement, randomness, functions

  • Hands-on fun activities to program the onboard sensors to visualize what they have programmed

  • Understand Mathematics & Physics Concepts with real-life examples, e.g Acceleration, Speed, and Gravity

  • Hands-on fun activities to visualize what they have programmed

  • Build Your Own Lamp / Guitar / Other inventions

Target Age Group: 8-11 (Grade 3-6)


  • Programming experience preferred but not a MUST

  • 9 year old or below without any coding experience are recommended to learn Scratch to get the basic concepts of coding.

Medium of Instruction: 

  • Course Material: English

  • Class discussion: Mainly English (supplemented with Cantonese ONLY when needed)

Education Tools: 

  • BBC micro:bit & Sensor Kits

  • Microsoft MakeCode Block Programming

What You Learn:

Students learn to code by building around 20 projects with micro:bit board and external sensors. 

Sample Projects such as:

  • Welcome sign board

  • Mini Games: Chess Games, Rock Paper Scissors

  • Dice: to understand randomness, and conditional statement

  • Lucky Draw Machine

  • Hot or Cold

  • Make Your Games: Catch the Bomb, Rainy days, Shooting Games

  • Air Guitar

  • Micro:bit Piano with touch sensors

  • Build Your LED Lamp

Students will build their final project and showcase in the last lesson.

For Online Zoom Classes:

  • Classes will be conducted via Zoom

  • STEM Material Box delivered directly to you!

  • Use computer laptop/desktop to code


  • Small Class, 2-6 students

  • 1:5 teaching staff to students Ratio Guarantee

  • Hands-on, Project-based learning


  • Bring your own laptop with charger and pre-installed Google Chrome browser. (Limited computer laptops are available)

  • Students have to practice typing before class.


Take away :

  • Your Micro:bit Hardware Final Product

  • All micro:bit project codes will be stored on your computer. Continue the learning at home!

  • Certificate of attendance​​​


  • ​Maximum 3 make up classes per term.

  • Make up classes must be before the start of next term.​

Course Details

10 lessons x 1.5 hours - HK$6000

(Course Fee including all material cost, and you can take away your final projects)

Prince Edward

Friday 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Contact us for class schedule.


We highly recommend new students to meet our instructors.