Blueinno Technology Mentorship Program

(Age 14-18)


Build Innovative Products with Arduino

for 14 - 18 year-old youngsters


Build Your Own Technology Ideas with Professional Guidance


Spend this summer to visualize your idea and build the prototypes. We have hardcore software and hardware professional engineers to coach you. From zero to one, this is the shortest path to accelerate your technology ability - from coding skills to 3D modelling to product design. You will be using your computational thinking and design thinking skills to create innovative products to take home.



  • You must know at least one syntax-based programming language (e.g python, javascript, java, C)

  • You must be self-motivated to finish your own project with Blueinno’s coaching.


Program Details:

  • You will be mentored by our engineers to finish your project with the following platform/skills including but not limited to

    • Arduino Software Development

    • Mechanical 3D drawing

    • Electronic Circuit Design

    • (You will receive guidance during the project development. Just ask our engineers in the lab.)

  • You MUST join our 30-mins free consultation and evaluation before your program start.

  • You MUST submit your Idea drawings and project objective

  • You will be assign to one core mentor to follow up your progress. You need to send weekly progress reports to your mentor.

  • Progress Assessment Reports will be sent to your parents through email.

  • Prototypes and presentation need to be built during the program.

  • Students will be invited to Blueinno Students’ Demo Presentation Day.

Program Structure:


  • Access to our lab on  

    • Saturday 10AM - 5PM and Friday 3PM - 6PM

    • Max 30 hour usage within 3 months

    • *Book our lab before any usage*


  • During the Program, you will need to attend the following classes:

    • Arduino Introduction (2hour)

    • 3D Printing Basics (2hour)

    • Lab Safety & Tooling Usage (30 mins)


Professional Mentors:


  • Mr. Benny Cheung: Expert in Electrical and Electronics, Experience in Robotics and EV Car Global Competition.

  • Mr. Nelson So: Electronic Engineer, Currently working at Biomedical Teaching Lab at CUHK. 

  • Mr. James Lam - Mechanical Engineer (Robotic Arms)

  • Mr. Calvin Kam - Software Engineer, Computer Vision and AI. Expert

Business / Ideation:

  • Ms. Rachel Cheng: Public Speech Coaching, Currently working for Business Development in Startup company


Course Fee: HK$7000 / student (3 months)


(Material Cost not included)

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