Introduction to STEM (Age 6-9)

Intensive Camp for students to learn basic and important STEM concepts


Code and Build Your Unique Robot!

​Level: Beginner 適合初學者

Age: 6-9

Language: English

  • Designed for beginner. Suitable for students without coding experience  不需要任何編程經驗​​

  • Change students' mindsets towards STEM. Eye-opener for students to explore the possibility of technology and creation. 改變學生對STEM的思維模式, 放眼科技和創意,得到無限可能

Why do your kids need this camp?


You understand STEM is important and is the latest trend 你明白STEM的重要性

Your kids do not have any prior STEM training and need professional teaching

你的孩子沒有正規STEM 教育,你需要專門老師幫忙

You want my kids to learn something useful and inspiring during holiday.


Traditional Learning



Problem 1: Separate subjects taught in different lessons. Students cannot apply integrated knowledge to real life applications


Problem 2: Knowledge Based Learning, Students do not have time to create and problem solve.


How do we teach STEM in this camp?



- Many parents think that STEM is coding, but coding is only a tool to solve problems. STEM is an approach to learning and development that integrates the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. 

STEM是誇學科學習。很多家長以為STEM 就是編程,但編程只是一種解難的工具。

- STEAM (STEM with ART) Education at a young age can help students get exposure to hands-on learning that enhances children’s creativity and problem-solving skills. 

​加入Art 能有助孩子動手做去提升創意和解難能力。

Our Teaching Method: 這是我們的教學方法:

- We first teach the basic knowledge, and then inspire students to integrate knowledge and use their creativity to make their own solutions. 



Course Details


Session 1: Introduction to Electronics

  • Learn Voltage, Current, Conductor and Insulator

  • Measurement with Multi-meter

  • Build their own SnapCircuit Car


Session 2: Coding Basics

  • Google Blockly Games


Session 3: Beginner Arduino With Tinkercad Circuits

  • Simulate Arduino using blockly and circuits


Session 4: Arduino Robotics - Make Your Own Robot

  • Program and Make your own Arduino Robots


Small Class: 4 to 7 students (1 teacher to 5 students) 


Hands-on, Project Based Learning

動手做,每堂用多個Projects 鬴會學習基礎知識

Taught in English, with Cantonese Terms if needed 


Bring your own laptop with charger and pre-installed Google Chrome browser ​​

​Limited Computer laptops in case you need to borrow our laptops.


Education Tools Used in this Camp: 多種教學工具:

Snap Circuit, Multimeter, Google Blockly, Arduino and More.

Takeaway: 你可以取走

Attendance Certificate & your own designed robot!

Learn Basic and Important STEM Skills!

學習非單一 STEM 基本技能


Please Watch Class in Action


Thanks for parents' support!

Since 2016, over 800 students join this camp.

Students join different follow up STEM camps for continuous learning. 


自2016年起,共有超過800 位學生參加過這個"Introduction to STEM"課程,作為人生第一個STEM課堂。

Course Details

5 lessons x 2hours (total 10 hours)


Blueinno, Prince Edward

28/6 - 3/7 (except 1/7)    2:15 PM - 4:15 PM

12/7 - 16/7  1:45 PM - 3:45 PM

19/7 - 23/7   4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

9/8 - 13/8   10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

16/8 - 20/8  4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Makerbay, PMQ, Sheung Wan

2/8 - 6/8    9:30 AM - 11:30 AM