Smart AI Box with Raspberry Pi (Age 11-14)

Level: Advanced

Language: English / Cantonese

Instructor to Student Ratio: 1:5


Technology is changing the world. In this camp, we teach students cutting edge technologies, such as AI, computer vision, etc. Most important of all, we teach students how to use technology to solve real life problems.

Build Your AI Chatbot with Raspberry Pi. Learn and build different AIoT (AI and internet of things) applications with computer vision and IFTTT.

Join us and bring it home!


What You learn:

  • Build Your own Computer with Raspberry Pi

  • Code and Make a Camera that follows your face

  • Make AI Game

  • Build Your Chatbot (Virtual assistant)

  • Build Your Assistant - Voice controlled Lamps

  • IFTTT Applications


Education Tools:

  • Raspberry Pi​ 3B+

  • Coding Language: Python3, Java Processing3


  • Must have experience with real codes

  • Students without programming experience are recommended to take Arduino / micro:bit courses.

  • Bring your own laptop with charger and pre-installed Google Chrome browser 



  • Raspberry Pi 3B+ Computer , camera and sensors (worth HK$600)

  • Attendance Report (via email)

  • Certificate

Watch the AI Smart Box we will be building!

Registration Details


Schedule: 5 days x 2.5 hour (total 12.5 hours)

Discount Fee: HK$3500
Course Fee: HK$3700

(including Raspberry Pi AI box worth HK$600)

Course Schedule & Venue

上課時間 及 地點

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