Summer Camps

Want to learn STEM / AI / Coding Skills during the holiday?

Blueinno's Summer Camps 
is a good choice!

Face-to-Face or Online

Jun 7 to Aug 27


Introduction to STEM (Age 6-9)

Learn important STEM concepts

Beginner (STEM)


  • Eye-opener for students to explore the possibility of technology and creation. 

  • First STEM camps for lower primary students.

Blueinno Scratch

Scratch Programming For Beginner (Age 7-10)

Your ​First Coding Lesson

Beginner (Coding)


  • Play to learn approach to establish coding concepts

  • Learn MIT Scratch Programming to make different stories or animations


Micro:bit Adventure Camp (Age 8-11)

Digital Making For Creators

Beginner - Intermediate
(Coding & Robotics)

  • Learn to code with BBC Micro:bit computer board to build your invention

  • Program with built-in sensors and external sensors to interact with real-life environment


Magic Of Arduino

(Age 9-12)

Code and Solve Real life problems

Intermediate (Coding & Robotics)

  • Learn basics Arduino and code with different sensors to solve the real-life problem

  • Focus on developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills using the Stanford Design Thinking framework

  • Put ideas into action and build your final project.This course can be integrated with IB MYP.

Blueinno App Inventor

Make Your Own Apps (Age 9-12)

Make Apps ​for a Smart World

Beginner - Intermediate (Coding)

  • Learn coding to make your own Apps with MIT Apps Inventor

  • Build Interactive Fun Games that you can play with your mobile phone!

Blueinno Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Basics (Age 11-14)

Learn Machine Learning

Beginner - Intermediate (Coding)

  • Students will use JavaScript Language to build different games

  • Use Google Teachable Machine for image classification and object recognition. 

Blueinno Python

Python Foundation (Age 11-14)

Be ready for data science job

Intermediate (Coding)

  • You will learn basic arithmetic and variables and basic syntax, and how to create and manipulate regular Python lists. At the end of the course, you will build Python Foundation and Syntax.


We offer Multiple enrolment discount:

2 or more students enrol together in any class schedule and all payments done within 3 days: 5% off

Same student join 2 or more course: 5% off

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*Promotions are not valid in conjunction with other promotions or discounts.