Blueinno STEM Program (Age 6-8)


More than Coding & Robotics, Designed to inspire Kids who are curious about Technology!

Age: 6-8

Level: Beginner

Language: English

Instructor to Student Ratio: 1:5

Hands-on, Project-based learning

Course Description

STEM is more than Coding & Robotics

Coding is just a tool, most important of all is how to use the right tools to solve problems. The best STEM education provides an interdisciplinary approach to learning. Technology is always changing. We believe teaching kids how to think and use creativity and technology to solve problems is a life skill.

What we teach

In this course, we teach children to build various projects related to coding, electronics, and robotics to build up their technical knowledge. It is about exploring and solving real-life problems with the knowledge children have developed.


This is a 2-year program (total 6 terms) for students to become:

1) problem solvers - able to define and solve problems by technology

2) innovators - creatively use science, mathematics, and technology concepts by applying design thinking method​


Why do your kids need STEM?


You understand STEM is important and is the latest trend 你明白STEM的重要性

Your kids do not have any prior STEM training and need professional teaching

你的孩子沒有正規STEM 教育,你需要專門老師幫忙

If your kids always have questions about science & technology, but you do not know how to answer them.
This is the right course for your kids.

Traditional Learning


Problem 1: Separate subjects taught in different lessons. Students cannot apply integrated knowledge to real life applications


Problem 2: Knowledge Based Learning, Students do not have time to create and problem solve.


How do we teach STEM?


- Many parents think that STEM is coding, but coding is only a tool to solve problems. STEM is an approach to learning and development that integrates the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. 

STEM是誇學科學習。很多家長以為STEM 就是編程,但編程只是一種解難的工具。

- STEAM (STEM with ART) Education at a young age can help students get exposure to hands-on learning that enhances children’s creativity and problem-solving skills. 

​加入Art 能有助孩子動手做去提升創意和解難能力。

Our Teaching Method: 這是我們的教學方法:

- We first teach the basic knowledge, and then inspire students to integrate knowledge and use their creativity to make their own solutions. 


Course Structure

3 terms each year: FALL (SEPT - DEC), WINTER (JAN - MAR), SPRING (APR-JUN)

10-14 weekly classes per term

each class is 1 hour 15 mins long

- The curriculum can last for 2 years (6 terms).

However, students will be advised to take Blueinno Technologist Program once they reached a certain level.

Students will be invited to join our demo day and present their projects in December, and June each year.

Course Outlines:

Sample Class Theme:

In each lesson, we will set a theme, and base on the theme, we will teach a few concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. At the end of the course, students are asked to build a device/applications that solve real-life problems.


Fun Robotics

We will teach children to build various projects related to coding, electronics, and robotics to build up their interest in technology. We will build different STEAM related projects to let children visualize how technology can help to solve real-life problems.

Coding with ScratchJr

Students will program their own interactive stories with ScratchJr to learn basic computer concepts, such as sequencing, event, loop, etc. Children can create their own interactive collages, animated stories, and games.

Introduction to MIT Scratch

Students will use Scratch, a block-based programming tool developed by MIT to learn basic computer programming concepts such as loops, and if-then logic by building different projects with Makey Makey.

Education Tools:

  • Coding: ScratchJr, Kodable, Edison Programmable Robot

  • Advanced Coding: MIT Scratch

  • Electronics: LED Circuit Kits

  • Robotics: Blueinno Robot Kits

  • and More



  • Bring your fully charged iPad  (We have spare iPads upon request)


Take away

  • Each lesson, we will build and learn one STEAM related concepts. Kids will bring home the creations they built during class.

  • Projects are not limited to
    • Robots
    • LED Art Work

    • Science Inventions

Time Schedule:

Online via Zoom

(Small Class, 2-4 students)

We are recruiting students for Winter Term (Jan - Mar)

Whatsapp us at 5540-5257 for the schedule.

Course Fee: HK$5700 (10 lessons, 1hr 15 mins/lesson)

Discount Fee: HK$5500

(Course Fee including all material cost, and you can take away your final projects)

Please note that:

- Students must be promoting to Grade 1 or above, and MUST be 6 years old or above.

- Maximum 3 make up classes per term.

- make up classes must be before the start of next term.

For New Students,

- We highly recommend new students to join free assessment session before enrolment.

- New students can join the program in any class during the term time.

* Tell us if you preferred other time schedule

We highly recommend new students to

take a online / on-site private trial class to meet our instructors.

We have limited spaces!

Contact us if you want to form your private group classes!


Blueinno Technology Limited

Whatsapp: +852 55405257

Kowloon - Blueinno Technology (Google map): 

Room 906, 9/F, Summit Insurance Building, 789 Nathan Road,

Prince Edward, Kowloon, Hong Kong

(2 mins walk from Prince Edward MTR Exit E)


©2019 by Blueinno Technology Limited​ 

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