Engineering Explorer (Age 8-11)

Perfect for kids who want to invent by hacking and building machines

Build your machines and robots

​Level: Beginner

  • 21st century maker education

  • Break and learn how to build robots and engineering projects

  • Class conducted in English

Suitable for Age 9-12

8 year old students who have love building / hacking technology are also welcomed to join!


"Maker Education: Build things & learn engineering"

This course inspires children to be inventors and learn mechanics and engineering by building real life applications. We will build projects like robots, projector, marble run, hologram, etc. 


At the end of the course, participants will understand basic key concepts of mechanics, electronics, and robotics. Students will take away the projects they build during class.

What you learn:

  • Basic Mechanics and Robotics

  • Re-engineering - Hack and Build 

  • Key Concepts of Electronics

  • Design and build Amazing Machines


Make things that Move:

  • Understand the basics of Mechanics

  • Learn Conservation of Energy

Make things that light up: 

  • Understand how light bean move in hologram

  • Learn what is VR, and how VR technology will be used in the future

Engineering Fantasy: Re-engineering

  • Hack and learn to build speaker

Make robots

  • Make robots, and learn basics of robotics


  • Small Class (1: 5 teaching staff to students Ratio Guarantee)

  • Hands-on, Project-based learning

  • Course taught in English, with Cantonese Terms if needed



  • For all kids who want to explore engineering by hacking and building cool projects



  • Catapult, Hologram, VR Cardboard, robots, etc.

  • Attendance Certificate will be given

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Schedule: 4 lessons x 2.5 hour (total 10 hours)

Course Fee: HK$3400

Course Schedule & Venue

上課時間 及 地點