Magic of Arduino (Age 9-12)


Nurturing Future Technology Leaders

Code and Build Your Inventions!

Arduino is an open advanced hardware platform to develop real-life projects. Arduino boards are used by professional engineers and university students to develop applications to solve real life problems.

In this courses, we introduce programming with Arduino UNO board. Arduino can control and interact with a wide variety of sensors - things that can measure light, temperature, humidity, You will be able to program different projects, from a programmable light to a mechanical candy dispenser.

  • Teach you the basics Arduino Hardware Programming with different sensors to solve the real-life problem with different technologies (coding, robotics, and sensors)

  • 6-8 projects with different sensors will be taught during classes.

  • Students can pick their own idea and build their final projects. 

  • Focus on design thinking methodology

​Note: This course will teach Arduino C Programming Language, and students need to type real codes. The course content is also taught in university.

Why do your children need this camp?


You understand coding is the trend, but using coding to solve problems is the key!


Your kids have basic coding experience, and you prefer your kids to learn something advanced and useful!


We are surrounded by different sensors in real life. Arduino can enable you to code and build devices that will interact the sensors.


Do your kids know how to code to solve global problems?

Many students are not creative enough.

但很多小朋友沒有足夠的創造力, 但不代表他們沒有能力去創造!

Our Teaching Method


  1. EMPATHY (同埋心): Show a global problem, motivate and encourage kids’ curiosity to brainstorm for solutions. Students will understand the mission behind each projects. 提出一個世界問題,引發同學的好奇心,讓他們思考,及明白今天將會做的產品目的。

  2. KNOWLEDGE (知識建立):  Students learn the basic knowledge about electronics and coding. 教授基礎電子和編程知識. 

  3. BUILD (動手做): Code and build prototypes. 透過項目,同學一邊編程, 一邊動手做出產品。

  4. SHARE(分享): Share and get feedback to keep improvement. 通過分享,得到回饋,有所進步。



Teens have their own thoughts. Our curriculum can broaden children’s horizons, motivate and inspire students to become global problem solvers.


Students build the core knowledge via different projects, and build their own inventions in their last lesson.

我們會透過很多不同的projects 去穩固基礎知識, 然後在最後一堂做出他們自己的發明.

Listen to our interview to understand how we teach

收聽電台訪問,了解更多Blueinno 的教學方法。
RTHK Interview (e 線金融網訪問) - RTHK
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What you learn

  • Understand programming sequences, loop concepts and functions

  • Understand basic sensors as well as Arduino Sensor shield

  • Build real life applications, include traffic lamp, security alarm system, and More



  • Arduino Traffic Lamp

  • Buzzer Piano

  • Smart Lamp

  • Shoe box burglar alarms

  • Arduino Security Alarm Robot / Blind Stick / Blind Eyewear

  • Candy Dispenser

Coding Language: C Language (for Robotics)

Platform: Arduino UNO


  • 1:5 teaching staff to students Ratio Guarantee

  • Hands-on, Project-based learning


  • You must have programming experience, such as Scratch, Micro:bit, and able to type effectively.

  • Bring your own laptop with charger and pre-installed Google Chrome browser ​

  • For kids without coding skills, highly recommend to join the camps - "Introduction to STEM" or "Micro:bit Adventure Camp" courses

Take away​

  • Candy Dispenser / Your Own Invention

Let's see what our student made!

Course Details

Venue: Prince Edward @ Blueinno or Online Zoom Platform 

(Materials will be directly delivered to you)

5 lessons x 2hours (total 10 hours) - HK$3600

Prince Edward or Join Online

7/6 - 11/6 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

21/6 - 25/6 10:00AM - 12:00PM [New]

5/7 - 9/7 1:45 PM - 3:45 PM

12/7 - 16/7 9:15 AM - 11:15 AM

2/8 - 6/8 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

9/8 - 13/8 1:45 PM - 3:45 PM

Cyberport - Dalton Learning Lab

12/7 - 16/7 12:45 PM - 2:45 PM  [new]