A.I. Tech Program (Age 10+)

All you need to learn Coding & A.I.

AI Tech Program is a structural and proven curriculum designed for upper primary or lower secondary school students to learn coding and AI Tech.

In this program, we start from basic coding language JavaScript and then focus on Python. Students will learn cutting edge technologies, such as AI, Neural Network, etc. Technology is impacting the world. Students will learn to code and code to learn.

Target Age Group: 10+ (Grade 6 or above)

Pre-requisite: Must be able to type effectively

Medium of Instruction: 

  • Course Material: English

  • Class discussion: Mainly English (supplemented with Cantonese ONLY when needed)

Education Tools: 

  • JavaScript - Processing / P5.JS

  • Python - Repl.it, Pygame

  • Hardware: Raspberry Pi, Arduino, ESP ioT Web Kit Set

  • Google Teachable Machine



(402) JavaScript for AI

  • Introduction to P5JS Drawing

  • Creative Animation with Microphone

  • Computer Vision with WebCam

  • Facial Detection & Feature Extraction

  • AI Game Design & Implementation

  • Final Project & Presentation

(403) AI with Raspberry Pi 

  • Build Your own Computer with Raspberry Pi

  • Code and Make a Camera that follows your face

  • Make AI Game

  • Build Your Chatbot (Virtual assistant)

  • Build Your Google Assistant - Voice-controlled Lamps

  • IFTTT Applications

(404) Code with Python​

  • Build a solid Python Foundation and Syntax by building Python Games 

  • Pygame Zero is a tool for making video games. It is intended for use in education, so that teachers can teach basic Python programming.

  • Projects include but not limited to:​
    • Dropping Eggs

    • Test your Typing Speed

    • Flapping Bird

    • Space Shooting Game

  • Final Project & Presentation

(405) Advanced Python AI for iOT

  • Introduction to Machine Learning

  • Face Detection & Recognition

  • Emotion Detection 

  • Drowsiness Detection

  • Introduction to Neural Network e.g. Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)

  • IFTTT Applications

  • Final Project & Presentation

(410) Real Time Object Detection with Yolo

  • Introduction to ANN

  • Introduction to CNN - Dog vs Cat

  • What is YOLO?

  • AI Labelling & Train your own AI model!

  • Final Project & Presentation

(411, 412) Integration Project with AI model

  • Use the model trained in 410 course and build your own web app.

  • Applied Learning Project & Project Presentation

  • Final Project & Presentation


  • Small Class, 2-6 students

  • 1:5 teaching staff to students Ratio Guarantee

  • Hands-on, Project-based learning


  • Student without programming experience are recommended to take Scratch / App Inventor courses.

  • Bring your own laptop with charger and pre-installed Google Chrome browser 


  • (For Module 402 only) - Tiny Sorter Kit Set (Arduino UNO, servo motors, 3D Print Parts)

  • (For Module 405 only) - iOT Web Kit Set (ESP, servo motors, OLED, buzzer) 

  • (For Module 403 only) - Raspberry Pi Computer , camera, various sensors, 3D Print Parts

  • All scratch project codes will be stored on the internet. Continue the learning at home!

  • Certificate of attendance


  • ​Maximum 3 make up classes per term.

  • Make up classes must be before the start of next term.


Why do your kids need this course?

Your prefer structural training and need professional coaching.

Your kids always have questions on coding like Python, JavaScript, and you need a teacher with an engineering background to help!

How do we teach coding?

1. We believe students must learn at least one text-based programming language, but not simple drag and drop blocks.

2. Block languages are defined differently in different platform, but with the same coding concepts. However, the text-based programming language has the same defined syntax in all platform and is globally used.

3. We teach Arduino C Programming, and then Javascript, and finally Python, which is the entry coding language for University.

Media Interview

Our AI Curriculum is featured in Hong Kong Economic Times​


Course Details

10 lessons x 1.5 hours - HK$6600

Prince Edward or Online Zoom

(402) JavaScript For AI

Saturday 10:45AM - 12:15 PM

Saturday 4:30PM - 6:00PM (new online class)

(404) Code With Python 

Saturday 3:15 PM - 4:45 PM

(410) Real Time Object Detection with Yolo

Saturday 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Friday 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Online Zoom Also Available (Tell us your preferred timeslot)

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