AI Tech Club (11+ year old)

Age: 11+

Level: Advanced

Language: English / Cantonese

Instructor to Student Ratio: 1:5


Technology is changing the world. In our AI Tech Club, we teach students cutting edge technology, such as AI, computer vision, etc. Most important of all, we teach students how to use technology to solve real life problems.


Module: Java Processing for Computer Vision

  • Build Raspberry Pi computer

  • Build Your Camera

  • Introduction to Computer Vision

  • Image Processing: Image Filters

  • Code with Java Processing3

Module: Introduction to A.I.

  • Code with Python!

  • Build Your Chatbot (Virtual assistant)

  • Build Your Google Assistant - Voice-controlled Lamps

  • Natural language processing (NLP)

  • Customized Google Assistant Commands!

Module: Smart Home Internet Of Things

  • Code with Python!

  • Recognize your face and emotions!

  • Learn Machine Learning Techniques, such as K-nearest neighbor (KNN) and Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)

  • Smart Care System for the Elderly and Children

  • IFTTT IoT Applications



*Please note that all modules are independent.


Education Tools:

  • Raspberry Pi

  • Processing 3

  • Coding Language: Python, Java Processing 3



  • Must have experience with real codes, such as Arduino C, JavaScript, or Python.

  • Student without programming experience are recommended to take Basic Scratch / Arduino / micro:bit courses.

  • Bring your own laptop with charger and pre-installed Google Chrome browser 



  • Raspberry Pi Computer , camera and sensors (worth HK$600) for new student

  • Attendance Report (via email)

  • Certificate

Why do your kids need this course?


Your questions want prior coding training and need professional teaching


Your kids always have questions on coding like Python, Java, and you need a teacher with an engineering background to help!


How do we teach coding?


1. We believe students must learn at least one solid programming language​

我們相信學生必需要學懂最少一種編程文字語言 (text-based coding language),而不應只停在積木方塊(drag and drop blocks),因為工作上用的編程都是文字的。

2. Block languages are defined differently in different platform, but with the same coding concepts. However, the text-based programming language has the same defined syntax in all platform and is widely used.  積木方塊會跟據不同公司有所不同,但其實都是相同編程理論,但文字語言的syntax 是不會改變的. 

3. We teach Arduino C Programming, and then Java, which is the entry coding language for University, and finally is Python.

我們會先教Arduino 的C語言,這是最正統的語言,因為程式特性,學生可以輕易轉到Java, 到最後會用3-4 個課程專注學Python. 

Media Interview

Our AI Curriculum is featured in Hong Kong Economic Times​

Course Structure

3 terms each year: FALL (SEPT - DEC), WINTER (JAN - MAR), SPRING (APR-JUN)

10-14 weekly classes per term

each class is 1 hour 30 mins long

Time Schedule

Location: Blueinno Technology (Prince Edward)

Room 906, 9/F, Summit Insurance Building, 789 Nathan Road, Prince Edward, Kowloon, Hong Kong (2 mins walk from Prince Edward MTR Exit E)


5PM - 6:30PM



9AM - 10:30AM



2:45PM - 4:15PM


Course Fee: HK$6600 (for 10 lessons, 1.5hours / lesson)


(Course Fee including all material cost, and you can take away your final projects)

Please note that:

- Maximum 3 make up classes per term.

For New Students,

- We highly recommend new students to join free assessment session before enrolment.

- New students can join the program in any class during the term time.

We highly recommend new students to

take a private trial class to meet our instructors.

Tell us your preferred timeslot*

We have limited classes this summer!

Contact us if you want to form your private group classes!

(min. 4 students)


Blueinno Technology Limited

Phone: +852 39145257

Whatsapp: +852 55405257

Kowloon - Blueinno Technology (Google map): 

Room 906, 9/F, Summit Insurance Building, 789 Nathan Road,

Prince Edward, Kowloon, Hong Kong

(2 mins walk from Prince Edward MTR Exit E)

Hong Kong - Tin Hau (Google map)

(For Summer Camps only)

16/F King's Commercial Centre, 25 King's Road, Tin Hau, Hong Kong


©2019 by Blueinno Technology Limited​ 

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