Micro:bit Adult Training Course

We have been teaching micro:bit courses since Jan 2017, and have already established 50 hours+ curriculum for micro:bit.

We believe it is time to share our invaluable experience with you!

Course Code: A0001

Course Outline:

The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that introduces you to how software and hardware work together. It is widely used all over the world to introduce coding, design and technology education. Since Jan 2017, Blueinno has been teaching micro:bit classes to primary, secondary and tertiary institutions, and has already established a 50 hours+ curriculum for micro:bit. We believe it is time to share our invaluable experience with you!

Target Participants:

School Teachers, Makers and anyone who are interested in coding and robotics


No. of Participants: 

4 - 10 (As group class at Blueinno Prince Edward)

Corporate Training: (Contact us for pricing and arrangements)



No (For beginner)


Course Duration: 

180 mins (3 hours)


Medium of Instruction:

Course Material: English

Class teaching / discussion: English supplemented with Cantonese


Course Content:

Hands on with Micro:bit Board

  • Micro:bit Introduction: Hardware and Software

  • Micro:bit Basic Programming (2-3 projects)

  • Micro:bit Projects with built-in sensors for Science (1-2 projects)

  • Micro:bit Game Projects (1 project)

  • Micro:bit Expansion with Other Sensors (1-2 projects)

What's Next?

  • Comparison of micro:bit with Arduino

  • How to source sensors that can be used both in micro:bit and Arduino.

  • How to build micro:bit cars in a simple way

  • Micro:bit interaction with Other Platform: Scratch and App Inventor


Experience Sharing:

  • Curriculum for Primary Schools and Secondary Schools Students

  • Constraints of Micro:bit boards

  • Education purpose of the Micro:bit, Arduino, Scratch, App Inventor, Raspberry Pi

What’s the trend after micro:bit?




Course Fee: 

HK$800 (without Micro:bit Kit Set)

HK$940 (with Micro:bit Kit Set)

Our Micro:bit Kit Set includes:

1 x BBC Micro:bit v2 board, 1 x 15cm USB cable



  • Order your Micro:bit board Kit Set at HK$140 or Bring your own Micro:bit board 

  • Please bring your own computer laptop. We have limited spare computer laptops. If you need to borrow our own computer laptop, please mark it in the form. 

Application Method:

  1. Contact via email (contact@blueinnotechnology.com) to confirm the no. of participants, the time schedule, venue and computer arrangement.

  2. Google Form: https://forms.gle/v6JNTmWzd4v1tx1F6

(You can fill in all students’ name in the form)


Contact - Blueinno Technology Limited:

Email: contact@blueinnotechnology.com

Whatsapp: 5540-5257