3D Design Club (Age 10+)

3D Design and Prototype something not just for fun, but to solve real life problems!

We encourages students to use their problem-solving skills and creativity as they become familiar with  3D drawing and 3D printers.

Students will have experience to build a 3D printer, and their use it to create something useful with their creativity.

In our 3D Design Club, students have the chance to create, build, and innovate with guidance!

What You Learn

  • Understand How 3D Printers Work by building the 3D printer 

  • Print Your Name Badge

  • Make a Clock, finger spinner, clamp, and More...


Education Tools:

  • Industry Grade Design Software - Fusion 360


  • Small Class ( 1 teacher to 5 students ratio)

  • Hands-on, Project-based learning

  • Course taught in English, with Cantonese Terms if needed


  • Bring your own laptop with charger and install. You can borrow our computer laptop if needed.


  • Attendance Certificate will be given​

  • All printed stuff home!

  • Students will be invited to do a final project presentation.

Watch the video to see our students' design

<Typical Class Rundown>

Concept & Ideation (Explaining the concepts, and what problems we are going to solve)

3D Design Drawing for Prototypes (Hands-on Work on the projects with guidance)

Inspiration Students will modify their 3D models with infinite creativity.

Sharing Our engineering instructors will share latest technology to solve global problems, inspiring students to put technology to solve daily life problems.

Making part Some students will have their 3D print model drawn, and send to 3D printers.

More work Students are allowed to stay in our lab to work on their projects while waiting for the 3D objects ready.

Online via Zoom

(Small Class, 2-4 students)

Whatsapp us at 5540-5257 for the schedule.

Course Fee: HK$6000 (10 lessons, 1.5 hours/lesson)

Discount Fee: HK$5850

(Course Fee including all material cost, and you can take away your final projects)

Please note that:

- Maximum 3 makeup classes per term

For New Students,

- We highly recommend new students to join free assessment session before enrolment.

- New students can join the program in any class during the term time.

Tell us your preferred timeslot*

We have limited spaces!

Contact us if you want to form your private group classes!


Blueinno Technology Limited

Phone: +852 39145257

Whatsapp: +852 55405257

Kowloon - Blueinno Technology (Google map): 

Room 906, 9/F, Summit Insurance Building, 789 Nathan Road,

Prince Edward, Kowloon, Hong Kong

(2 mins walk from Prince Edward MTR Exit E)


©2019 by Blueinno Technology Limited​ 

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